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Infinity Universe
The Solverse is a collection of interconnected worlds built by many, forming a shape resembling an infinity symbol. This universe is renowned for its vibrant and ever-changing nature, and has been divided into 8 distinct timelines by an unknown force. Others seek to reunite and merge these timelines, but for what purpose?


The Preservers - believe that each timeline should be protected. They prioritize setting up defenses around portals and important landmarks. Their main opposition are the Mergers.

The Mergers - aim to create one perfect timeline by incorporating the best aspects from each existence. They are in direct opposition to the Preservers.

The Anomalies - individuals born with immense power and unique abilities within each timeline. They say only one Anomaly exists in each timeline. Some choose to use their abilities for good, while others seek to destroy existence itself. The most famous Anomaly to date is Håkon, also known as The Broken, who destroyed a timeline and inspired the creation of the Mergers and Preservers. However, it may be time for a new Anomaly to emerge.

The Infinites / Explorers of Infinity - A portal has opened between The Solverse and the human realm. It is said that a human astronaut was the first to enter the Solverse and explore its realms. She was the first to call herself an Infinite, but others followed after. The Infinites are a way to bring our community further into the Solverse - allowing them to be characters within.

Novai - Manifesting in a warrior form, the Novai are made purely from a purple substance called Nova and seem to act like a ‘defense system’ of sorts in the Solverse. When the Infinites arrive, the sentient Nova seems to view them like a virus that must be eradicated.


There are over 150 realms based on community lore, each with their own unique characteristics, stories, landmarks and histories. Read about them here.

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